Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer holiday

That time of year again.
First I had friends over from England and we had a great time together. Visiting Rotterdam for a day with a great guided tour by my niece living there. We took a water taxi, exiting!
Going to Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn, where there is an exhibition about Grace Kelly (well worth seeing), that was shown in V&A a few years ago. The gardens are amazing
Also visited Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Is always worth a visit.

I also had the grandchildren staying with me, one after the other.
First granddaughter stayed with me for a week. One day we went to Amsterdam, seeing the Mouse Mansion in the library
and on to Nemo where she enjoyed herself.
After a few days rest my grandson stayed with me too for a week.
We went to Rotterdam where he went climbing with my niece. Very brave as she only remembered, once up high, that she is scared of heights! He is just like an ape, he loves anything like this.
Another activity I had organised was a visit to Rijksmuseum with him. A special 2 hour tour by Vrije Academie for (grand)parents/(grand)children. He stayed interested until the end. The tour was very well done. I'll be looking out for more activities like this in future. In the planning is a tour through Boymans
But he had fun there too after the tour.
They are back to school now.

I should have time for weaving now, but I still have not solved the problem with my bobbin winder. I have someone look at it now, to see if the motor has gone. The weaving needs me winding pirns on the bobbin winder as I need to use the endfeed shuttle with a much larger capacity on the bobbins as I'm tripling the yarn. So, I'm having an extended holiday away from the loom.

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