Thursday, February 19, 2015


Back home from a flying visit to London.
I was with Marian who gave a workshop at Handweavers Studio.
There were 12 participants, some travelled far to take part in this workshop: Vancouver Island, Dublin, Aberdeen, Switzerland to name some! Lovely results.
Here some of the samples from several participants:
Apart from the 3 workshop days we went to see Museum of London with an exhibition about Sherlock Homes
and on to Tate Modern
where we saw the large Marlene Dumas exhibition. We had both missed this exhibition in Amsterdam.
Most enjoyable stay, thanks to our hosts Wendy and John.
Back home and I will now continue tidying, to create a free workspace for my Megado.....
specially with these new additions :-)


  1. will have to find out how they go for myself neki, but if they are anything like the leclerc efs's i'll be very happy. they look and feel beautiful

  2. Oh Bluster Bay shuttles, did you know in a few week you can buy them in the Netherlands? I became a dealer for them , and Terry is making my first shipment ready right now! I am so exited to start selling these beauty's. More info on my blog.

  3. ah Gjeani,
    for now I'll be happy with the ones I have......:)

  4. I'm so jealous of your shuttles. I recently bought one and am kicking myself for not paying extra for the Honex tensioner. Those are absolutely lovely!