Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colour in the garden

We have an Amelanchier in our garden and every season has it's charm with this tree. After the winter the white flowers are a joy to see in Spring, next come the berries. They are tasty but the birds think so too and they are soon eaten up by them. And now the leaves are turning into beautiful Autumn colours. Come Winter I always hang birdfeed in the tree.
The Holly on the left in the photo is full of berries this year, no doubt the birds will find them when the weather gets colder. The Rosemary in the front is full of flowers again, having flowered this Spring too.
Today is another sunny day, what a joy!

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  1. Love the photo! We are also enjoying the sunshine. I was out all today, but if the suns out tomorrow I want to spend time gardening and enjoying the wonderful colours and smells of autumn