Monday, October 12, 2009

Spinning and more

I've been spinning on an irregular basis and I had lots of different skeins (wool, silk, wool/silk) in a bag with the thought that I will weave with them one day. I have now made balls from them (apart from 2 skeins that are still singles) and here is the collection. My own observation is that I tend to spin colours in a range of blue-purple-pink-yellow. Interesting observation. I thought that I had made an effort to get away from blue-purple-pink but I see no green or red.
I've not made up my mind if I will weave with the yarns or may be knit. The Online Guild is having a Domino/Patchwork workshop this month by Fiona Moir. It is very tempting to join in with these yarns.

It's also my birthday today
and in the post arrived this from Italy:

The scarf feels lovely and soft. The colour is not true in the photo, where it looks a bit purple but it is more towards red from the cochineal. What a lovely surprise!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    I love those colors too!!


  2. My spinning tends to the oranges and reds. When I see hand-dyed fibers for spinning, those are the ones I can never resist!
    Happy birthday!