Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weaving again

Over a month since I last wove. I want to weave but I seem to have "excuses" not to be weaving. So, to get back into weaving I have made a simple woollen warp and threaded a straight draw 1-8 on my Leclerc loom. I'm weaving scarves and should have enough warp for 2.
The weft yarn is a bourette silk yarn dyed at Summer School this Summer and a plain silk yarn that I had in my stash but colourwise goes with this dyed yarn. The dyeing method was a ball placed in a dish with one colour, fixing colour, turning ball over and dyed another colour on the other side, fixing again. I hope I have enough for one scarf with this weft yarn.
I have more but that is another colour, more towards blue. The balls shown here is not how they came out of the dye bath! I made skeins after dyeing and rewound them into balls after the skeins were dry. So, the more intense colour is in the middle of the balls now. I cannot wait to find out how it will weave up in the scarf.

Here a picture of the first few woven inches of the first scarf. If I find that my yarn is running out to quickly for the first scarf I will mingle in some of the other colour.

It is good to be weaving again after more than 4 weeks non-weaving!!


  1. There seems to be really beautiful. It must be exciting to weave with yarn that you dyed yourself. I get so inspired by seeing all the great things one can weave.

  2. These are really lovely, soft colors. And the effect oft he dyed yarn is beautiful, I look forward to see the result!

  3. Good for you for getting back to weaving. I too find the autumn to be a very busy time and trying to squeeze a few minutes of weaving in can be a problem. The silk look lovely. I can't wait to see the finished scarf.

  4. I'm glad you're back to weaving!! I took the whole summer off pretty much, but now I'm back to my loom.

    Your scarves look beautiful. Can't wait to see how they progress!