Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cross twill samples

I have finished the warp and was able to weave 5 more sample + a very small one. Having cut the samples of this warp twice has left me with less warp to weave but it was a good lesson to see that the sett was correct for the twill. Had I gone on weaving after the plain weave at the same sett as the plain weave, the twill weaving would not have been as it has come out now.
I have woven one sample twice so that I can keep an unfinished and a finishes sample. You have to feel the difference! The unfinished one feels hard but the finished one is nice and soft.
So these are a good addition towards my sample archive.
Top is the finished sample, bottom the unfinished one. Left are the front and right are the back of the samples. This is a cross twill. Here part of the drawing:

Spring is on it's way, they are forecasting 15C this week, huray!!!


  1. Is it cotton? There's often a huge difference between unfinished and steam ironed (wool) and washed, and somtimes I've had quite unpleasant surprises!

  2. Charlotte, yes it's fine cotton. (Venne 34/2)
    I'm making another warp with the same yarn to try out some ideas I have.

  3. Beautiful samples, Margreet.