Monday, March 08, 2010

Sett for twill weaving

When I started weaving the twill samples I just felt that the sett was not quite right. So I made some small samples, cut them of and washed them to see what would happen. The first sample I started by weaving far to tight so after a few centimeters I changed the beat and it looked as if it was far to loose. The warp is threaded in the reed like this: 3-4-3-4 (4 openings per cm) and the bundles of the warp threads were so visible during weaving, I just thought it would not be ok. But having washed them they look allright.
The samples are woven 3/1 twill and the smallest one is a 3/1 cross twill
Left side is the front side and right the back. I used one warp colour in each sample as weft. I have not used the lightes warp colour yet. Not sure how much warp is left having cut twice, but I will keep on weaving now that I know that after washing it comes allright.


  1. Measure the angle. A twill correctly sett and beat should have 45-degree angle. If it is too loose when beat at that angle, then you need to resley. It is much easier to keep track of a beat on twill with measuring the angle than it is with counting beats per inch!

  2. Isn't it interesting how much the samples change with the different wefts? I really like the warp face of the sample with the purple weft.

  3. Thanks Peg. That is how I noted that I was weaving incorrectly and started weaving gentler. With the thin yarn and weaving 3/1 it is very hard to see the angle though. But at least I do know that the sett is correct now, having seen the washed samples.

    Cally, I like the purple too and it is nice to see that there is a front and back in this weaving. I will weave the cross twill too with the purple yarn to see how that comes out.

  4. Samples do reveal a lot. I think my favorite is at the top with the cross twill.

  5. Your clock widget is really fun. It's 5:15 am there and 8:15 pm here. You're asleep and I'm soon to be~