Friday, March 26, 2010

More sampling, Textile Festival and UK travel

I'm weaving another colour warp, this time with blues and a red.
(tabby sample, left side is unfinished, right side washed and pressed)
I had hoped to have finished the warp today but it will now have to wait until next week as I'm leaving for the UK tomorrow morning.
Today I went to Leiden where they have a Textile Festival. The website is only in Dutch unfortunately. There was so much to see, to much to take in. But it was an enjoyable day. The main festival was in the Pieterskerk (church) but at about 30 different locations were exhibitions. I only managed to go to 2 different extra locations. That was as much as I could manage. We went with our local Guild but we split up in small groups. It will be nice to exchange what we have seen today at our next meeting in April.


  1. The colors remind me very much of traditional shirt yardage. It's interresting to see how blue and red mix, the red looks almost brown.

  2. It's almost a tartan. How many shuttles do you use????

  3. Charlotte,
    You can see the colours here:
    I used colours 3039 + 4008 + 4060 + 4053
    If you hold the cursor on a colour it will enlarge. You will see that the red is not as brown as it might look in my photo.

    Sharon, I used at some points 4 but I tried to avoid that as much as possible.
    I'm now weaving with just one colour at a time to finish this warp.