Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Fun with twills

It is fun playing with twills with so many shafts!
This loom I'm using has 40 bars but I'm only using 24 at the moment.
 Here is a photo where I played about going from bar 1 to 24 vice-versa
But, when only using either the even or uneven bars you get this:
Now, is this fun or not?
As Cally already mentioned in her blog I'm using Bonnie Inouye's book Exploring Multishaft Design as a guide in PCW Fiberworks software for my designs.
Oh, I'm having fun here. Thanks Marian!!!


  1. Zoals ik je blog nu een beetje volg kan je zelf haast wel een staaltjes boek uitgeven. Deze is ook weer zo mooi.

  2. He Marion, je brengt me op een idee ;-)