Thursday, March 03, 2011

Magic Dobby

Today the interface arrived from Louet!
It will have to wait until after the cremation on Tuesday for installation but it will be something to look forward to. By that time I hope to have the Silver Plus update for PCW.
I have a small 10" laptop that I'll use for operating the loom.
I have warped the loom with this warp but the tension was not even everywhere so a friend will come and help me to redo the warping. The uneven tension is because of the Louet raddle. To keep the threads in place I used an elastic band but as the warp is mohair it has been pulling in some places giving the uneven tension. The previous warps were silk and Tencel, so smooth, and that went ok doing it this way. Just did not think what I was doing at the time (my thoughts where elsewhere...). A good learning curve. Next time I have a woolly warp like this, I will not use an elastic band but may be use tape on top of the raddle to keep the threads in place.

The sun is shining, temperature not yet high, but what a difference the sun makes. Spring at last?

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