Monday, April 18, 2011

Weaving finished

My first warp woven with the electronic dobby is finished.
I now have 5,5 meters by about 28cm wide (before washing) and I hope to make a jacket out of it, may be with some knitted parts added if I come short.
I'm really pleased with the result. The cloth feels really nice.
The warp was weaving up very well. When you think mohair, you might think sticking yarn but I think I got the sett correctly and I had very little problem with stickiness of the yarn.
I did run out of the weft yarn but had more yarn from the warp left over.
The main weft colour is dark grey with stripes of purple in it (colour from the warp), about 50 cm with just purple and the last 60 cm is light grey from the warp. All in all it will be a challenge to make something out of this. I have plenty of the light grey left for knitting if this is needed.

Weaving with the electronic dobby will need some more practise. Specially when I'm either beaming up or finding more weft yarn, jobs that might take more than 60 seconds. That is the time that it goes in a kind of sleep mode. I will read up about it to find out how to go about this. Have to find out if it is the program doing this or the interface. At the moment I find that the interface is getting confused and not lifting the correct shafts after that. I do get it going again but I'm sure there must be a way to do this.

It's lovely sunshine (with warmer than normal temperature for this time of year) here at the moment, so the outside is calling and weaving might get a back-seat just now.


  1. Wat een heerlijke lange lap heb je geweven. Ik heb in het verleden een octado gehad en had hetzelfde gedoe met die slaapstand. Nu heb ik best veel geduld maar voor dit soort dingen dus totaal niet. Nee, ik heb die octado al lang niet meer hihi. Ik kan je hier dus geen tips geven. Maar misschien andere lezers en anders Louet vast wel.

    Groetjes en nog heel veel mooi weer :-)

  2. It seems like the dobby weaves faster since you got so much woven in a short time. Please post pictures of the sewing part. I'm hopeful to sew with handwoven this year and am interested in your experience.

  3. Hi there,
    your blog is very nice.

    Could you please tell me something more about your electronic dobby loom? It looks interenting.


  4. Sharon, when I get around to the sewing part I will post about it. Most important is to make sure the cut edges are not unravelling. I have a serger, so will most likely be using that.
    It's warm here at the moment, so spent most time outdoors just now.

    the loom is a Louet magic dobby
    look at the website for more info on the loom