Friday, April 15, 2011


The weaving is going well. Last night I had to get used to unweaving with the electronic dobby but I've figured it out and it is easy once you know. This warp is weaving up very easy, the sticking is not to bad at all. I do however have to keep a look out that all the correct shafts are lifted. It keeps you involved with the weaving and not let the computer do the thinking for you. But most of the time the correct shafts are lifted.
This is how the weaving looks so far
And a close up
I'm weaving with grey yarn as weft but for a short bit I mixed with the purple yarn that is in the warp. I do not have much left of this so will just add a few patches like this in the rest of the weaving.
And a close up
I was going to weave 2 scarves but now that I'm seeing the result of the weaving I like it better for a vest or jacket. I'll see when it is finished. I've woven about 1,5 meters of the 5+ meter warp.

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