Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New Project

After the loom has been standing empty for some time, I made a white 8/2 Tencel warp last Friday. My intention was to dye the warp in the weekend. I have some Acid Dyes standing ready for use. But of course Tencel is not like silk and it should be treated as vegetable fibres, and use Reactive Dyes.
What I thought would be a quick job, became a lot of calculations and weighing small amounts of dye. My warp was just over 4 meters, enough for 2 scarves. I want them both different. Yesterday was dyeing day. I was not sure about the colours I saw but of course you only know the real colour after rinsing and I had to wait!
I woke up around 3 this morning, and I just had to rush to my warp and rinse..... (yes, I did go back to bed) I found that one of the colours was to green and not more towards the blue. Not what I had intended. Still not sure what went wrong.
Today I had another thought about it and I've over-dyed the green I was not happy with. End result is still not what I wanted but I'm happier than before. To the left is the complete warp as it is now.

Of course I forgot to take photos before over-dyeing....
Here a close-up of the warp. One scarf will have lots of primary colours. The warp will have small black lines  to separate the 3 coloured parts in the warp. The weft will be all black.
Back to loom now and get that warp on!


  1. Hi Margreet!
    seems like you had a lot of work to do for this warp, but it was definitely worth all the effort (getting up at 3am!!!). I really like the colour effect, particularly the idea of separating the colour stripes with black lines. Can't wait to see it woven!

  2. Gorgeous colours, Margreet! Just the thing to have on the loom in February. I think these will be beautiful scarves.