Saturday, October 26, 2013

new book

One more week before the publishing date of a Dutch weaving book by Marian Stubenitsky. It will be launched at the National Weaving Day on November 2nd.
A beautiful informative publication including many illustrations / photos. Marian is an expert in colour weaving.
An English version will come out next year!

Looking forward to the weaving day next week as there will be a talk by Loan Oei on textiles from prehistory to the future. Years ago I attended a memorable talk that she gave, together with Cecile de Kegel, about their publication The Elements of Design. There were 2 screens and lots of pictures coming on the screens left and right. It was so energizing and stimulating. So, expecting great things from her talk next week: From spinning web to World Wide Web, textile, the red thread in history.
Another talk that day will be by Andreas Möller. As I went to his master-class earlier this year, this talk will be no surprise to me, but nice to revisit his ideas and meet up again with him.

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