Tuesday, October 08, 2013

textile symposium

I've just come back from a 2-day Textile Symposium at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. What an interesting 2 days this was. Many different speakers, so now I look at several exhibits in a different way, after hearing the story behind the objects. We were also taken on a tour to the ateliers where restoration takes place,  where costumes are stored and also the teaching unit for textile conservation of University of Amsterdam. They are all located in the same building near the Rijksmuseum. We were also treated to a guided tour through Stedelijk Museum. I had not been there after it's re-opening last year.
An interesting development that we were told about is that costume curators from 7 Dutch Museums are now collaborating together under the name ModeMuze and will be setting up a website so that their collections will be a valuable online resource for students. Brilliant initiative.
For now there is a link at facebook and Pinterest.


  1. What an interesting event this must have been, and how exciting to see behind the scenes. I didn't realise that the Stedelijk Museum had also been re-furbished. I remember seeing a contemporary textile exhibition there years and years ago. Stuart and I were just recently married and we visited my dad who was working in Amsterdam for a few months. We hadn't really been to any textile shows and Stuart loved it - I was so pleased! And the poor man has been dragged to many more since then!

  2. some of the old designs look so contemporary. the vintage trench coats are priceless