Sunday, June 01, 2014

end of West Weeft

Today was the last day. Not so many people visiting but initially we were going to have Saturday as our last day so that's how it was noted in the leaflet. On the internet page it had been changed, that we were open after all.
But still 15 people turned up today, and in total 144 over 6 days. So we were very pleased with so many visitors. Really enjoyed it all. Thanks for coming to look at our work!
Lenie and Erma's husband each made something to eat and that is how we finished our weaving week, eating together in the garden. We have really enjoyed this joined venture together.
My ondulé reed will stay for a little longer so that Annechien can finish the scarf warp she put on for demonstration.
One of my scarves has gone home with Lenie.
Now time to get on with the warp on my loom.

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