Wednesday, June 18, 2014

sampling first

I have been weaving a sample, so tiny, you can hardly see ;-)
But it did show me that the sett was wrong.
So, thinking I had a 32cm wide warp I now have a 40cm wide one. Much better feel, so, glad that I did the sampling. This next sample will be cut too as I want to see what happens when I wash it. The weft yarn is a fine stretchplus yarn. Hoping it will do something when it's washed.
For the eagle eyed: it's from Marian's book page 159/160

It's for our Guild Challenge. My challenge is to weave with wool, complementary colours and double weave.
These are the 4 colours used in the warp, in this order and the 2 weft yarns.
First time I'm weaving with such thin yarns, but I have trebled the warp yarns (2/64). The weft yarn (2/48) is a little different so doubling that. The balance is just right now I think.