Sunday, June 29, 2014

double weave scarf

Finally weaving again, the first 300 picks are done. Had a setback earlier today when my LeClerc bobbin winder gave up the ghost when I was winding the 2nd pirn.
I have enough to start the weaving using my endfeed shuttles. But without the winder I will not be able to wind the pirns, so will have to go back to my boat shuttles.
I will try and find someone who knows about sewing machines, may be they might be able to help solve the problem as I love using my endfeed shuttles. I only have 1 cone of each colour that I'm using in the weft and I have to use 3 strands (as that is what I did in the warp), so, a lot of winding before I can weave.
Happy so far with the result. You can start to see the diagonal pattern emerging.
Woven some more today and now you can see the diagonal pattern clearly. To the right the window frames are the same to the left the windows are the same, when you look diagonally. There are 8 different windows, so I'm halfway before I start repeating the pattern again.
Oh, and just tried my electric bobbin winder, before ringing up about it, and guess what, it was running again! I don't understand it at all, as I tried several times yesterday and it just seemed dead. But now I'm  a very happy bunny again. :-)


  1. I love those colours! In the bottom picture I am sure the squares are dancing.

  2. Looks like dancing yes ;-)
    Page 159-160 in Marian's book :-)

  3. That will be a beautiful scarf!

  4. perhaps the winder got over heated and shut off to chill out ;)
    that's going to be a heck of a scarf!