Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today the new foot pedal for my Leclerc Electric Bobbin Winder arrived in the post from Canada.
Could not wait to see if it would work again.
Oh dear, no such luck.
I'm now thinking that the motor has gone after all.
I'm going to take it to a sewing machine specialist and see what he says.
Next week will be little time for weaving as I'm having visitors.
Thinking about what is on next week and what will be interesting to go and visit with them. We'll make a plan Sunday evening after they have arrived.

First, Nijmegen tomorrow. It's the last day of the 4 day marches and my eldest daughter has almost finished her 2nd year. Last year was the first time.
She has blisters, but they have been taken care of by the special team there. Also her knee is giving problems but with medication she is able to continue. So, I'll be at the sideline with her husband and kids to see her come in after finishing the 160km she has walked this week. Very proud of her.
It's quite warm here at the moment! She is lucky to start early at 5 in the morning and should be in by 12.

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