Friday, July 04, 2014

shaft problems

Louet is going to update my interface. Hurray. I'm taking it there on Monday and hopefully they will be able to finish the job before their summer break in 2 weeks time. So glad that at last the problem will be tackled. The weaving should be all about the weaving and not having to watch if all shafts are working ok.
So, no weaving until the interface is back. Unless I put on a warp on my Jane loom....

Waiting to hear from Frank Herring for a solution with my pirn winder. Hope that will be resolved too.

I've had to much sun yesterday. Should have worn my sun hat. :-(


  1. good to hear louet has come through.
    and don't forget your sun hat!

  2. yes, my sun hat. hope we'll have lots of sun so that I need to wear it :-)
    Interface has been delivered now to Louet and will be ready before the end of next week, hopefully sooner
    glad all now is together in Holland and not split between 2 countries as before