Thursday, July 03, 2014

some gardening

I'm to disheartened at the moment to continue with the weaving. I've completely lost the rhythm I had weaving this scarf. I want a solution from Louet to stop the shafts from hanging. No good continue with the weaving until this is resolved. The interfaces are no longer made in Canada but in Holland I learned today. So will get in touch with them in the morning.

So, I put some energy into gardening, away from the loom, this afternoon. First cutting the long grass that was very overdue for a cut and also cutting down part of a tree. Very satisfying work this all was!
I love the tree, but it is just getting to big for my garden. I'm cutting it lower and hoping it will start to grow again, as the birds love it too. I've cut back about 1/4 and will leave it as it is for now, to give the tree time to start growing where I cut.

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  1. The technology is wonderful...when it works. Hope Louet can get the problem sorted.