Sunday, March 15, 2015

magic dobby

I have mentioned the problems I have with sticking shafts on my Magic Dobby.
Last week Jan Louët came to see my Magic Dobby and find out why some shafts keep sticking.
First, he oiled the grooves on both sides where the knife goes up and down.
He also oiled the solenoids that kept sticking
and lastly he oiled here. Best would be to use a brush here and oil the inside when they are up
He used sewing machine oil (tiny drops) but I heard later that Teflon oil would be better. Advantage of Teflon oil would be that it does not dry out so quickly and also the dust will not stick to it so much. So, I will get some from the bicycle shop to have on hand as I'm sure it will happen again.


  1. interesting. thank you for this post!
    my electronic box is somewhat different, maybe it's an older model. it doesn't have that sort of ventilation fan(?) because there's top gap on the front&back. the storage tray is on the left and the power switch w. connectors on the back. it looks to me like the second photo's upside down bcse my solenoid butts are at the lower end of the box. i'm going to try lubricating that top rod. won't hurt.

  2. neki, yes the box is upside down....

  3. Hoi Margreet, bedankt voor de aanwijspunten waar de olie moet. Ik heb hetzelfde als jij, dat het niet zo soepel loopt. ga maandag ook maar eens naar de fietsenmaker voor teflon olie dan. en de boel maar eens doorsmeren.

  4. Gjeani, wel zuinig met de olie omspringen! Succes ermee, hopelijk help het.