Friday, March 06, 2015


This week 3 quarterly magazines dropped through the letterbox :) lots to read here!
But I was lucky to receive one of them at all as the envelope had torn and it looks like may be coffee/tea was spilled on it, but the postmen have done their job and delivered the post by sealing the envelope in a plastic cover.

I'm still busy clearing my late husbands study but next Wednesday I will have to be ready! I have arranged for the seller of my new to me Megado to come and help me set up the loom :)
Just hoping that the space available will be enough to have enough space to move around the loom, specially for warping the loom. Time will tell.
Also hoping to have my Magic Dobby sorted soon, waiting for Louet to contact me next week.

Getting used to a house without my cat. Realizing what a support I have had from both cats over the last 4+ years.

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