Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Double Weave Warp

Here is my 4th warp that I'm weaving for the Double Weave course.
This time I'm using stash yarn 16/2 cotton weaving 10 threads/cm.
This first swatch is woven proportionately as threaded giving square blocks in the top layer. The binding is done by warp threads from top layer into the bottom layer just before and after weaving a weft thread in the top layer. When you look at the right photo you can hardly see the binding.The second swatch is woven like the first one, but I have altered the sequence of the top layer, not getting the blocks like in the first swatch. Also switching the colours from top to bottom and reverse again. You hardly see the colour difference in the top layer in the photo, the back shows the changes where they have become stripes.
This would be a good binding for a special yarn in the top layer. May be a way of using handspun yarns for something special.

I have now rethreaded again, this time weaving panama in the top layer. Enough warp left for 1 or 2 swatches. I quite like these short warps for this course.

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