Monday, February 09, 2009

New warp: red and white

I have finished the first swatch of my next warp. This time I'm using a white cotton and a red fancy yarn. So much better to weave with another warp!
The warp is 4:1 proportional on 4 shafts.The photo does not do justice to the red crepe type yarn. The binding here is every 4th white weft binding with red warp threads from the top layer. Both sides make an interesting cloth. (left side is topside again)

I'm now re threading on 6 shafts so that I can make a few more combinations of binding the 2 layers.
It really is fun to go on this double weave journey.

I'm also exited as I have discovered that my big Glimakra loom can be converted to a 16 shaft dobby loom with a Toika unit. I will have to learn more about this option before going ahead with it. But for the moment it is an exiting idea just to think about it.

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