Monday, February 16, 2009

Last of the Double Weave course

Tomorrow is my last workshop day and I have finished the 16/2 cotton warp that was on my loom.
I wanted to make the panama sample so I made some extra warp threads for the top layer and put them on the 2nd warp beam.

I re-threaded the warp completely from 1:2:1:8 to 1:1:1:4. In the photo on the left you can see where these extra threads have gone.

Here is the third swatch of this warp, a panama sample. In this sample the weft yarn is like the warp. I had thought that I would weave another sequence on this threading but this did not look good at all so I abandoned that idea. Instead I wove the fourth sample the same sequence but adding another weft colour in the top layer. This one is more blue.
I had a small warp left to weave a fifth sample. Here I used cottolin for the top layer and in the bottom layer I used the 16/2 cotton but changed the colour halfway as you can see clearly in the right photo.

The binding of these panama samples is done between the panama threads keeping these threads well in place. I can see that if you used a fancy yarn for the top layer it could make an interesting cloth.

I will continue with experimenting with double weaving as there are so many possibilities in bindings, yarns and colours. I feel I have only touched the subject but I'm enjoying the journey.

This workshop has been a way for me to get weaving again after a difficult period. This blog is adding to this, making me really think about the weaving. Not "just" weaving.
Tomorrow is my last workshop day of this double weave course. I may take on another course to continue with my process of really getting back into weaving.


  1. These are really interesting samples. You must have gained a huge amount of knowledge and confidence from following this course.

    Well done.


  2. Thanks Alison,
    The advantage of a course is that you also see what others have done with the same technique, very valuable. I will continue with this double weave journey for the moment.