Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Other swatches of my red and white warp

My red and white warp is finished. It was only 1,5 meter long. Advantage of a short warp is that I can experiment with different yarns in a short period. With this binding both sides make interesting cloth, I will definitely come back to this using other yarns.Here is my second swatch of this warp. The difference with the first swatch is in the binding. Here the red weft yarns are binding with the under layer. You can see that there is a mistake in the white weaving, something you do not see until it comes from the loom.
In this 3rd swatch the weft top yarn is yellow (same type yarn as the red, just a different colour). Here the binding is from both warp and weft yarn from the top layer into the bottom layer. With the yellow as weft yarn in the top layer, you are able to see the difference in the binding.I only made a warp for 3 swatches but was able to add an extra using another yarn completely in the top layer, again binding the warp and weft yarn from the top layer into the bottom layer like in the 3rd swatch.
I will now make another warp with different proportions and panama in the top layer for the double weave course, as I will have my last lesson next week.

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