Friday, April 10, 2009

More cochineal

Sunshine today and temperature up to 20C, that is more like it! Trees are becoming green again with the leaves opening up. I love Springtime.

My next cochineal dyeing session this week went very well. Most of the colour was taken up in the 1st dye bath, a really nice red. I did dye some more in a 2nd bath, the colour I got was pink.

After that I did some modifying with copper water, iron water, lemon juice and an ammoniac rinse. This time the differences are more clear to see. I'm really happy with the total result of this dyeing session. The yarns I dyed are all different sizes and they have taken the dye slightly different.

Here my picture of the cochineal on white yarn.
9 = 1st dye bath no modifying
8 = 1st dye bath + copper water
7 = 1st dye bath + iron water
6 = 1st dye bath with ammoniac rinse
5 = 1st dye bath with lemon juice
4 = 2nd dye bath no modifying
3 = 2nd dye bath + copper water
2 = 2nd dye bath + iron water
1 = 2nd dye bath with lemon juice

On the right are all the dyed yarns (grey and white) together in one picture. I find it hard to get a true coloured photo but here you can see what a variety of colour I have ended up with.

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  1. Margreet, I love your reds and pinks! Fantastic dyeing in springtime!