Saturday, April 18, 2009

Purple scarf

I have promised a friend last December to make her a scarf and she is still waiting!
She chose 5 colours from the Venne cotton yarns herself. I ordered the yarns and they have been sitting in a basket waiting patiently to be warped for some time now. I was not sure if I was to make a double weave scarf or not. But I have finely decided to make a kind of pleated scarf as it is a fine yarn and I do not want to spend a long time weaving this scarf as she has been waiting so long already!

So here is my plan.
I found the idea for the scarf in this book and made my own interpretation as I'm using the same thickness yarn and not a thick&thin yarn. For the weft I chose a woollen yarn in one of the warp colours. (in about the same thickness as the warp yarn)
The warp is now made and ready to be put on the loom. A nice weekend job to get the loom ready for weaving. Although the weather keeps being nice and sunny in our part of Holland so I have been out in the garden during the daytime today and hopefully again tomorrow and the loom might have to wait until evening time :-)


  1. Mmmm, I love the colours. I think they will look fabulous in pleats too, good idea.

  2. Margreet, this looks lovely! Like Cally, I love the colors. I'm curious about the pleated weaving and think it will look great with that draft.

  3. Leigh, unfortunately the pleating does not work with my yarns. It should work with the 1/3 and 3/1 twill weaving next to one and other but I should have used the ticker woollen warp yarn together with a thinner weft yarn as was described in the book.........
    Good learning point.