Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weaving not going to plan

My warp is on the loom but the weaving is not what I had in mind. Clearly, what I intended weaving is not done with the yarn I'm using. If I want the pleats I think I need to use a different warp yarn. I'm using fine cotton Nm34/2 (or Ne20/2) yarn, I probably should have used a thicker woollen yarn to create the pleats. I've tried various weft yarns (wool and cotton in different thickness's and cottolin even sewing thread), with no difference in effect. So far I have cut my sampling 3 times now to see how my weaving looks of the loom and wet finishing them and than trying out different weft yarns.

I've changed the sett to see if that will make a difference at all.
Before I know it my warp will be finished as I only made a 2,5 meter warp to make the scarf.
This warp will now just be samples and I will probably choose a different technique for my gift scarf as this is the yarn I have for the warp, with the weft I could play with some different yarns like I'm trying out at the moment or stick with the same as the warp. May be I'll go back to my the double weaving idea that I intended to do after I finished the double weave course.

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  1. How frustrating! Though I must say it is looking lovely - I especially like your first sample.