Sunday, April 26, 2009

New idea

The warp is finished and I now have a better idea of how I want to weave the actual scarf.

This afternoon I took some photos of the warp that was left over, together with flowers in the garden as there are so many in bloom at the moment with just the right colour. I could not resist doing this.

Regarding the weaving, first I was so keen on trying to get the pleats that I tried all sort of yarns but I kept to the weft sequence of weaving.

In my last swatch I let go of this idea and added to the tie-up so that I could weave blocks and that is the answer. No double weaving this time but playing with the colours like I have done in this last swatch. Not sure yet how much colour change there will be in the weft, I will just play along when I start weaving the actual scarf. I had also changed part of the sett from 12 to 16 threads per cm but I like the 12 best but will use the 16 for the edges. So, all in all this warp has been a good learning curve for me.

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