Monday, May 11, 2009

Weaving the stripy scarf

The first scarf is halfway done.
I notice that I have been weaving with a very open weft and liking it, I did not plan this, it just happened. It should be a very lightweight scarf. The weft yarn is wool and cotton alternatively.
The woollen yarn is in one colour but the cotton is the warp yarn (5 colours) and I'm playing along with the colours, a bit like painting. :-)

The first scarf is the stripy scarf, the next one will be woven in blocks.

Yesterday the handle of the lawn mover fell on my left foot resulting in blue swollen toes. I'm a big fan of using arnica (not sure how to translate this in English) for bruising so hopefully the swelling will go very quickly. Just hoping that the weaving will not be slowed down to much by all this.
The weather is so nice that we have moved my Leclerc loom outside so that I can weave in the garden, what a treat!


  1. Oh that sounds painful! I hope it won't keep you away from the loom.

    (And the English for arnica is... arnica)

  2. Hi There! sorry to hear about your foot but happy to hear you are weaving in the garden! Thats my idea of the perfect day, sun, garden & weaving, what more could you want?!!

  3. Cally & Artemis,
    The foot is healing fast so I'm quite happy getting on with my weaving, with another day weaving in the garden! You are right, sun, garden and weaving, what else do you need? More sun :-)as the forecast is rain for the next few days. So I'm pleased to have had these 2 days this week.

  4. What lovely scarves those will be. They look so filmy and oooh, the colors! Glad to hear the foot is healing, weaving by pushing the pedals with your nose would be hard! ;)

  5. Thanks Kim,
    The first scarf is finished now but I will cut them when they are both done. So I have to wait a little longer to see them of them loom. Yes, I'm glad I can use my foot on the pedal :-)

  6. Margreet, a treat indeed! Another reason for a small portable loom and more loom lust.......(grin!)