Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stripy scarf finished, weaving the blocked scarf

The stripy scarf is finished but I'm not cutting the warp but weaving on so I will not know how the scarf looks of the loom. I will just have to wait a bit longer. You can see the scarf in the picture on the right and the warp ready to start the second scarf.

I've been able to do some more weaving outside today, I'm feeling really lucky to be able to do this with the weather we have been having.

I'm hemstitching the beginning and end of the scarf on the loom. It takes some time to do but it is so much easier doing it this way and not afterwards.

And here a photo of the second scarf coming along. The blocks will be different sizes. I'm not noting down what I have done, just play about as I think fit. I do try to use the 5 colours mixed up, not 1 after the other. That is what I have done with the first scarf. It is very relaxing to weave this way. I'll be very interested to see the end result of the loom.


  1. Both scarves are beautiful!! I especially like this second one! It will be interesting to see it off the loom!


  2. This is lovely! Good photos of hemstitching too.

  3. Hello,
    Really pretty scarves. I'm a fellow weaver but have never seen hemstitching. Is this common for scarves? I usually knot mine afterwards. I'd love any info you might want to share about it.. thanks!

  4. Hi Vanessa,
    Only just seen your comment. The hemstitching is a good way of finishing the scarf as you will be able to cut without the weaving getting undone. I find this useful specially for fine yarns.
    Hope this is useful......