Friday, May 08, 2009

Ready to weave again

Here the reed is ready threaded and the next job was to tie the warp on and get an even tension on the warp.
This I do by knotting the ends of warp bunches and thread a strong yarn through these bunches on to the loom.

This way you can adjust the tension on each bunch very easily and it gives the least wast of warp yarn I find.
Now the weaving can start again.
But at the same time think about the next weaving project. The aim is to try to have at least one of my looms warped up so that the weaving does not stagnate at any point.


  1. Margreet, can you tell me what pattern or weave structure you've used in your blog header? Can it be done with 4 harnesses? I love the color, the texture, & the design--it's just beautiful!


  2. k,
    Thanks for the compliment but no, it is woven on 16 shafts. It is a twill design from the Fiberworks PCW Thrilling Twills CD, called tumbling blocks.
    I have used it several times in a scarf, in fact the above is also taken from a scarf.