Sunday, May 17, 2009

Textile Museum Tilburg

Yesterday I went to the Dutch Textile Museum (sorry, still only in Dutch but I'm told that by the end of this year it will be available in English) again. I'm friend of the museum and they have a "friends day" every year, this year it was yesterday. Always nice to meet up with other friends.
Also we hear of any news about the museum. They have recently refurbished and reopened a year ago.
Something they have developed over the last few years is the TextileLab with the most modern machines where students and artists can make use of the computer guided weaving and knitting machines, the embroidery machine, inkjet printer, tufting and graphics scan. Yesterday the place was buzzing with students, great to see but also nice to know that they can get this opportunity to work with these machines.
The library will be extended so that the students can make better use of these facilities and there is even talk of setting up a Masterclass School.
Hopefully, you will be able to read all about this on their website in English by the end of this year.
In October this year there will be a exhibition with work from Akira Minagawa definitely something to look forward to.

For the first time they had organized workshops we could take part in. We had a choice of "needle felting" "layer upon layer" and "puff paste"

I went for the last option as I did not know what this was and wanted to be surprised. It is a paste that you mix with a colouring and next apply thinly on textile. When you have finished with your creative design on the textile you dry it with a hair dryer and when dry you iron it between 2 layers of paper and he presto the paste comes up in a kind of foam format. The workshop was 1 hour and it was fun to learn about this material.

Above a photo of one of my attempts and a close up where you can see that the foam is almost coming of, where it was applied to thick. The other photo shows the back of the textile.
I suppose you could use this to decorate a plain children's T-shirt. If it is applied in a thin layer it will be washable. If the layer is to thick it will just peel of.

So no weaving done again yesterday but hopefully I will be able to do some tonight.

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  1. Hi Margreet, I'm looking for a felter in Tilburg or Breda called Linda van Berkel. She used to run spinsels and do workshops in nuno felt clothing. I really would like to do a garment workshop in nuno but can't find out any information. If you know of any workshops or know Linda I would really appreciate it if you could let me know. Many thanks, you can contact me through my website

    Kind regards,
    Di Burns