Thursday, June 03, 2010

Acid dyeing day

I dyed some silk caps and fibre with acid dyes today.
We have our last Guild day before the Summer on the 17th and for that days activity we need some coloured silk. It was a lovely sunny day, so ideal for drying the dyed fibres outside.
 I would have liked a bit more dark patches for contrast, but over all I'm pleased with the end result.
Back to weaving now.


  1. Your dyeing looks fresh and very inviting for either spinning or silk fusion!

  2. Wat een snoepjes van kleuren. Heerlijk. Ben reuze benieuwd wat jullie gaan doen.

  3. I love the color combination!

  4. Gaan je handen niet jeuken bij het zien van die mooi gekleurde vezeltjes? Moeilijk om te wachten tot de 17e. Ik ben benieuwd wat je ermee gaat doen.

  5. Lynnette guessed right: silk fusion.
    For making cut out figures which we will use for felting on white woollen fleece.

  6. Hmm, will you felt with that or spin? Either way, very pretty.