Friday, June 18, 2010

Guild outdoor day

Yesterday we had our annual Guild outdoor day to finish before the holiday season. And as usual we had glorious weather. This time we have been felting. Only a small project as we were with 15 and you need space for felting. With the silk that I dyed we have made paper by laying out the silk on some wet net curtain (that itself lay on top of bubble wrap plastic with the bubbles down rather than up). When silk was layed out we put a gauze over (the type used for insect blinds) and than a wallpaper paste smoothed over to bind the silk together. 
Next stage was to get the silk, together with the gauze, of the table and dry the silk with a hair dryer. This took some time to do.This was my paper silk when still wet.
After the silk was dry we cut out shapes to put on top of a layer of merino fleece. We each had a piece of about 30cm square of this fleece.
Here we are busy cutting out shapes. In the foreground you can see my first flower.
When the silk shapes were cut out we put a thin layer of wool fibres over the silk and the gauze over this again and next wetted the merino with warm water and soap and started the felting proces.
We had great fun and we ended up with this result together
My end piece looked like this
I might decide to make another piece and than have enough to make a small bag or something.
We had a great time together and after the felting we had our meal together. Everyone brought something to either eat or drink.

I was ready for bed when I came home as I'm suffering from shingles. Lucky only a few spots since this week (and how I found out that it is shingles) but the pain has been there for a few weeks now and I have not felt like doing much. This is the 2nd time for me to have shingles. Oh well, it will pass again. For the time being I will take it easy.


  1. Zo te zien hebben jullie een leuke dag gehad. Ik ben wel benieuwd naar je tasje.....
    En wat een pech om je weer zo beroerd te voelen. Ik zal aan je denken deze dagen, misschien helpt dat een beetje.
    Groetjes, Marion.

  2. Looks like such a fun day and great weather for your outside project! Silk fusion is really popular in Canada too!

  3. Oh shingles are horrid, no wonder you have been feeling unwell. Glad you had a fun day with the guild though; those pieces all have a brightness of summer about them!

  4. I'm so sorry- I've heard that shingles are insufferable. I don't understand them, only that they're painful. Hope you get well soon. I'm glad you were still able to have fun at the felting day.