Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weaving Study Day

I was lucky to go to the first Study Day of Complex Weavers outside USA last Thursday. It was by Marg Coe at Handweaver's Studio in London. Meeting up with old friends and meeting others who I only knew from mail contact. Marg has written a book Fit 2 be Tied about weaving design in Photoshop (Elements).

This is a simple curve design in Elements

And below what it looks like in PCW via Sketchpad

It was stimulating to work with Photoshop Elements (completely new to me) into PCW. May be just what I needed to get away from paperwork etc and be creative once again. I really look forward to playing about with this and designing some lovely weavings to be woven up...
Going to London was an emotional trip, travelling completely by myself (done that many times but always had someone waiting at home). I've done it and stayed a few days with a dear friend which was a great help too. It's always nice to go to London but this time it was special. Next trip will be less emotional I'm sure.

More snow is forecasted for this week, so I'm hoping to get around to doing some weaving again after the emotional roller coaster months behind me. This trip has certainly helped me towards that way.

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