Sunday, December 19, 2010


It keeps on snowing here. Overnight we had more, so my blue car is more like a white one now.
I cannot remember the last time I saw this much snow. Life is disrupted as there are very few trains running in this area and no buses either.

The grandchildren are enjoying the snow though and transport can be quite different from normal times, this was how Syb was taken to his local children's club this morning.

I've made progress on getting the warp from the Leclerc loom to the Magic Dobby. My friend Romy helped me this far yesterday:
The warp is on the raddle but I now need to beam up and start threading. I have to see how I'll be getting on with that as I seem to have some problems with my right forefinger since last night at the joint with my hand. No idea what has caused this, even typing is painful. I'm sure it is just a temporary thing.


  1. Oh die sneeuw. Mooie plaatjes hoor maar ik heb er een hekel aan. Maar je foto's zijn geweldig leuk, dat nou weer wel.

    Leuk om de schering al bijna op je getouw te zien. Mooie kleurtjes trouwens, ben benieuwd hoe het wordt....... :-)

  2. The snow just makes the season that much brighter, don't you think?

    I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your project! Lovely colors for your warp.

    Merry Christmas,

  3. Wow, you have been so quick to get it all up and running, I'm impressed! Perhaps that is why your finger is causing trouble - it is just overworked...

    It sounds as though the course in London was excellent, I am so sorry I couldn't make it. However, I believe Father Christmas may be bringing me Marg's book, so I have a little something to look forward to!

  4. The warp is lovely! Love those colors. But the snow, wow. I'm just has happy to be viewing it from this distance. :)

  5. What a wonderful Christmas present - that loom is huge! I'd be jealous but I can't be since I don't have space to have one.

  6. Sharon,
    The dimensions are probably smaller than they look on the photo.
    Magic Dobby 70: 88 x 100 x 140 cm
    (34 5/8” x 39 3/8” x 55“)
    For a dobby loom it is nice and compact.

  7. Thank you so very much for the warping photos! after so many years of working with a similar loom i finally discovered where to place the raddle. and what those 2 black knobs at the back were for.
    a question: i've battled with a very small shed forever . have you got any tips or recommendations?

  8. Glad you found them useful. I do not understand you having a small shed. So far I have no problems with that. On Louet looms, the shed is usually quite good.
    Will think about this why it could happen.