Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Loom ! Christmas comes early....

At last I made the decision to get myself a dobby loom. I enquired about delivery times on Tuesday and Wednesday morning Jan Louet delivered the new loom as he happened to be passing this way anyway! How is that for speed!
I have gone for the 70cm wide Magic Dobby, the loom that I was able to use for a while during the Summer. That was a mechanical dobby and I have chosen the computer version but at the moment the interface box is not available so for the time being I have the mechanical version and will exchange this for the interface when it is available again. That might be some time in February.
The loom came in 2 boxes and I spent Wednesday most of the day putting it together. 
boxes unpacked 
putting the stand together
centre part of the loom on the stand (most heavy part with all the shafts in place)
When I was nearly finished I discovered that I should have taken the beams of as I wanted them fitted on the stand.
Only way to do that was to dismantle most of what I had put together. Oh no!
I left it like that last night and started again this morning. It is all done now and ready for a warp:
Tomorrow I might take of the warp from the Leclerc loom and put it on the Magic Dobby. I'll decide in the morning if this might be a good plan. Snow arrived again this afternoon and more is to follow, so, good weather to stay in and get on with things indoors as there is also a cold wind blowing.


  1. Wat een geweldig getouw heb je hier en wat heerlijk dat Jan Louet dan ineens zo in de buurt is. De sneeuw foto van het vorige blogje vind ik helemaal leuk. Ik houd helemaal niet van sneeuw maar hier wordt ik vrolijk van. Die toetjes van die kinderen.... geweldig.

    Ik ben reuze benieuwd naar je eerste weefsel.....

  2. Very speedy delivery! Congratulations on your shiny new loom!