Thursday, January 20, 2011

Network Drafting workshop September 2010

In September I went to the Network Drafting workshop by Alice Schlein at Devon Weaving Workshop.
My sample was almost a scarf and I've just finished and washed the sample. It is a short scarf (about 1m long) but I'll be happy to wear it as a happy memory of our last holiday together.
Usually I would weave a different thread between samples but here I just wove on and put a short thread at the side to know that I moved on to the next sample. That's how it could become a scarf and not another sample to put away in a binder. In place of the threads I have put some small beads (at the side) and also added some beads between the fringes.
The numbers refer to the samples. I put the drafts together in one photo
It shows very subtle the differences in the samples. It was great fun to design the different samples.
To find out more about designing Network Drafting you will have to read Alice's book .
I bought the book myself this way as a pdf file and printed it out and had it binded. I hope to get back to this technique very soon, on my Magic Dobby!

My last scarf cut of the loom this week is now drying. Will next wind a new warp with the same silk yarn together with white Tencel yarn.

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