Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First inch or so

Getting the loom ready took more energy than I had thought. But I'm weaving again! Last weaving was done last October. I had to search for starting the dobby again but that was soon found. ;-)
I'm weaving a 2/2 twill, I thought that would balance the colours and black best. After weaving the first inch or so I'm not sure if it will end up to black and mute the colours to much.
I'll continue with this and review halfway weaving this warp for the second scarf, if I'll change to 3/1 twill or stick with 2/2 twill.
Update after some more weaving, I'm happy with the result after all. I'll happily continue with the 2/2 twill.
Advantage with 2/2 twill on this warp is that both sides look the same. With 3/1 twill, one side would look really colourful but the other side will be very black with 1/3 twill. So, I'll stay with the 2/2 twill on this warp.


  1. Dit is inderdaad erg mooi, maar ik denk dat je andere idee ook een fraai resultaat zal geven, juist. Misschien voor de tweede sjaal?

    Fijne week.

  2. Ik vind het zo ook heel mooi worden, maar ben ook vaak nogal gecharmeerd van twee verschillende kanten (3/1 keper dus)Ik sluit me dus bij Marion aan :-)

  3. Ik ben er nog niet uit. Ik heb 3/1 geweven hier: http://woodyarn.blogspot.com/2011/01/1st-weaving-on-magic-dobby-finished.html
    Dat was zijde met zwarte Tencel. De 2e sjaal zijn fellere kleuren, en ik denk dat de 2/2 het iets zal temperen. Vanavond begin ik aan de 2e sjaal, ik zal het even bekijken.

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  5. Oops, made some typos in my previous comment and could not edit it! Just wanted to say how beautiful this looks, Margreet. The colours have a glow to them. I look forward to seeing photos of the finished piece.

  6. Jane thanks. Almost finished weaving, so will have some photos later this week.

  7. Hi Margreet!
    I really like the colours,looks like they-re going to be beautiful scarves!

  8. The scarf is beautiful. How fortunate you are to have access to workshops with a teacher like that! You're a good pupil :)