Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nearly done

The warp is nearly woven up and I'm happy with the way it looks so far. I did stick to the 2/2 twill as I felt that it was best for this warp. This is the end of the warp in view
Here an earlier part of the 2nd scarf being woven:
And this is where I'm weaving now:
I cannot wait to get the warp cut from the loom. I hope later tonight.

Yesterday I picked up my grandson and he will probably be staying with me Friday morning. Last few days this week his sister will be coming, school starts again Monday week. So my attention will be with the grandchildren this week but I'm hoping to try and get a new warp done too. I went to the first day of a 3 day workshop on Iridescent weaving by Marian Stubenitsky. When you click on Woven iridescence in twills in her link you will see what these weavings look like. It was a very stimulating workshop and I cannot wait to make my new warp with 4 colours, the weft has a 5th colour. I've done several workshops with Marian and really like the way she teaches and she is very generous with her knowledge. She uses the Venne 34/2 cotton yarns in her scarves and that is what I'll be using too as there are so many colours to choose from. The weft yarn will be a cotton/wool yarn also from Venne. This yarn gives a lovely drape.
Venne has started a collection of organic cotton yarns. The beauty of Venne yarns is that they are high quality yarns and all the colours coordinate in the different type of yarns. I'm just an enthusiastic user of Venne yarns ;-)

With this last warp I'm really getting to know my Magic Dobby and really loving it! The glitzes I had in the beginning I can put down do not knowing my loom.
I had some problems with the knife but Jan Louet advised me to lubricate the groove where the knife moves up and down and it seems to have done the trick. A friend gave me some grease that was suitable for this, forgotten now what it was exactly.

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  1. De sjaal is echt heel mooi geworden.
    Veel plezier met je kleinkinderen.