Friday, February 01, 2013

empty loom

My loom looks bare with the last warp woven. I now have a scarf to fringe twist so that it can be washed and 2 samples, one will stay unwashed.
I've taken the ondulé reed construction out and fixed the correct parts back so that the normal reed can be used again.

My next warp will be coloured. Not decided yet what yarns I'll use. May be a wool/silk yarn mixed with a silk yarn.


  1. I'm curious. What is the purpose of the cardboard tubes around your warp and cloth beams? I have a Louet and am always happy to learn any tricks. Enjoy your next warp!

  2. Alison,
    I use the tubes of kitchen towels (cut open) for warping the beginning of the warp, it tucks away the binding cords. It's something I have it handy and I can easily replace if it's to warn out.
    It it's a short warp I'll just use these tubes until all of the warp is on the loom but if it's a longer and or wider warp I use brown paper or thick plastic on a roll. And the first bit of weaving I also us the tubes to protect the weaving from the binding cord and the tie-on-knots of the warp.