Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I've been adding sectional warping to my Magic Dobby. Louet does not offer this for a Magic Dobby.
After reading that Marg Coe had added sectional warping to her Magic Dobby, I wanted to give it a go too. But rather than making it myself like she had done, I took the short cut and ordered the set for the David loom that should work.
I've put it on with some hurdles. I had to turn the stabilizing plank on the stand around (from vertical to horizontal) to create space.
Now that it's all fitted there is a problem: there is not much space left between the sectional warp beam and the top cloth beam. I've decided to put on a plain 8/2 Tencel warp and see if it will work.
I'm now going through the learning process of using my AVL warping wheel that I was able to buy 2nd hand in 2010. It had been waiting patiently to be used one day. I'm not doing very well so far, so might change plans and just make a very narrow warp, just to see and feel how the warp behaves. My plan was to make a 36cm wide warp.
Before this sectional warping adventure, I had been planning to start weaving with the lovely coloured wool/silk yarns that I bought last autumn. Hopefully the Tencel warp will give me the confidence in using this new setup, so that I can start next time with the wool/silk yarns.