Wednesday, February 06, 2013

This and that

After some "warmer" weather, the snow was back today. Come on Springtime, I'd like to have some warmer weather soon. I'm not very good with this all this Winter. Not much is getting done.

I did finish the last scarf (Tencel warp, wool/silk weft), it's now washed and pressed. It hardly shrunk in the width but the more in length. But it does feel very soft. Looks completely different from the all Tencel scarf.
In the photo above you can see the difference in both scarves. On the right is the all Tencel scarf where I changed the hight after every 6th throw. On the left is with the wool/silk weft and here I changed the hight of the ondulé reed after every 4th throw. You can see the sculpted edge on the left is more prominent as the curves are shorter.

I now have to finish some of the samples that I made last year in 2 workshops. They have to be ready before 23rd this month. It's the AGM of Weefnetwerk (Dutch weaving association) and there will be tables with results of various workshops on show.
I had hoped to have made a warp by now. It's half term next week, so I'm looking forward to having the grandchildren here one after the other. It would be nice to do some weaving in the evenings.

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