Sunday, February 10, 2013


Last Friday I went to the opening of the latest exhibition in the Texile Museum in Tilburg.
The exhibition consist of work from 5 designers / design bureau's. They designed work through inspiration from the Museum collection. It was all very well presented, showing the inspirational pieces (nice to have some on show) alongside their new designs.
The exhibition runs until May 25th, well worth seeing. There are video's showing what inspired them, you have to see it all.
There were fantastic silk panels dyed with madder (shame they do not name the German dyer in the exhibition and on the website, only in the video is he named but I forgot)
What was so nice to see were blankets made from cotton that had been brushed after weaving, just like wool blankets are done. You wanted to stroke them but not allowed.....
Fascinating round bench with beautiful cloth on
Table linen, with embroidery. Very unusual
Fashion "embellishment". Flowers and plant embroidered on soluble cloth, only leaving the embroidery as end-result.
My descriptions do not do this exhibition any justice and unfortunately the museum website has not translated the exhibition in English yet. The collaboration of the designers with the Textile Lab has made this exhibition possible. All in all it's very inspirational.


  1. Soms zou Tilburg wat dichterbij moeten liggen :-)

    1. I am not really replying to the first comment. I saw you at the CW first day in London. I have been looking at a previous blog by you (lovely white fabric) on ondule reeds and wondered if you had ever posted photos of the mechanism you use to move the reed and what loom it is mounted on. I am thinking of electrifying my system and want to find out what other people do!!!

  2. Pat, I have posted photos of how my ondule reed is moved up/down.
    Electrifying sounds a really good idea. I love to hear more about it if you do get it going. I love the result of the ondule reed but I do not like the interruptions in the weaving by having to move the reed up/down after every x amount of throws.

  3. Pat, I forgot to mention that the ondule reed is mounted on a Louet Magic Dobby.