Tuesday, March 05, 2013


What a difference the sun makes!
Today I could weave in this setting

And sitting at the loom I had this view. I'm enjoying this whilst it lasts as colder weather has been forecasted again. I had altered something to the loom to be able to fit the sectional warping to the beam but I now find that by moving the plank from vertical to horizontal on the stand, the loom has become unstable. It sways from side to side. Not good. Just the reason for a trial warp to see how it all works. The warp is only 14cm wide but I'm enjoying the network structure.
I'll finish the warp and see if there is anything I can do to make changes to the loom. For the moment I'm happy to weave!


  1. Dat zonnetje maakt inderdaad een wereld van verschil.

  2. my husband drafted a plan for an extension to house the beams at the back.if interested let me know.
    enjoy your spring, we're on the second week of non stop rain.