Thursday, March 14, 2013

this and that

Finished part of the warp. Had to cut it as there was no more space to turn.
Result so far
 It is only a narrow warp, still quite a lot left to weave.
I've been in touch with Jan Louet and he came up with a solution
Extra vertical parts (red arrow) added at the back (green arrow). When my warp is woven up I'll have to take the loom apart so that the extras can been added on.
I'm using Tencel for this warp. One bought in Holland as warp and the other from Webs as weft. What a difference in lustre! Webs looks like silk, the other more like a dull cotton.


  1. thanks for the clarifying arrows :)
    really considering the sectional beam

  2. Louet does not think there is a market for sectional warping for the Magic Dobby. If people ask, may be he'll make it available. Now it's kind of "do it yourself" job.

  3. Wat een werk om je getouw weer uit elkaar te moeten halen maar vast wel de moeite waard, hoop ik.

    Fijn weekend.

  4. I've finally settled on Webs as my ultimate yarn source. I've been disappointed by price and quality from the other suppliers I've tried. I'm so surprised at the small footprint of your loom.