Sunday, March 03, 2013

Dobby problem

After overcoming the warping problems I now find that shaft 16 is not lifting on my Magic Dobby. I have a narrow warp on and used 16 shafts intending to weave some network. The first few picks I wove tabby to get started and all worked ok. Next I began with the network pattern and after a few picks noticed that I had warp threads that were not being woven. After some searching I found that the cause was shaft 16 not being lifted. Tried restarting the computer. Did the test with the interface and all the solenoids are working. I'm just baffled what is happening here. Thinking, small warp, test the loom and get on with the next warp. All very frustrating.
Any one any thoughts on this?


  1. What kind of loom is it? And is it mechanical or computer-controlled?

  2. Alice, it's a Louet Magic Dobby, computer controlled.

  3. Hope Louet can help you with this. Very frustrating!

  4. Thanks Laura,
    Might just re-thread to 12 shafts so that I can do some weaving tonight.

  5. been there!things to check:
    -knife goes all the way down at the back
    -check the cords go over the rollers
    -plastic shaft parts are not touching the solenoid knobbehind the knife
    ie not perfectly aligned. most of the times this is the problem. e mail me and i'll send you a photo of what i mean.

  6. Neki thanks
    I understand what you are saying but all that worked ok
    That was what I had been checking before my cry for help
    All working now after help from Louet Canada